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Our Farmers

Harvest Drop

Windsor, NJ

Working with 120+ farms throughout NJ, PA & NY to provide homes & restaurants with fresh, seasonal ingredients!


Our Farm is situated among the Catskill Mountains, overlooking the Cobleskill River Valley. The Farm has been operation since the mid 1800's. During that time period the farm housed dozen of dairy cows as well as producing hops(a major component in the beer making); which now grows wild in our creek. We take full advantage of our historical Dutch barn, as a cool dry place to cure and store our garlic after harvest. The majority of our farm work is done by hand just like our ancestors would have; planting, weeding, harvesting, curing, and preparing the garlic bulbs for market is all done by the hands of a dedicated few. 


Meadow View Farm
Kutztown, PA
Family owned farm growing many varieties of chili peppers, tomatoes, and more!

Our Affiliates

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